I failed grade 10 art. I did. I wasn't proud and I'm still not. I wanted to pass but I didn't. None of my projects looked like the stuff my teacher produced. I had always wanted to be good at art because my brother was. It wasn't my thing. I couldn't draw with a pencil. I could paint ok. I was mean with a crayon though.

Fast forward a minute and I finally found it. Drawing free hand with a mouse changed my life. Nodes. Anchors. It allowed me to get the stuff in my head out. Some of it is below. The coolest thing about vector art is that I can print it any size. Some pieces have been done 110 feet long. Others 15 feet tall. And they can be recoloured so they go with any decor. I've had my art wrapped around blocks of construction, in the lobby of a condo building and in an outdoor lounge 40 stories above Yonge St.




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