I didn't realize I was born to make magic with a computer mouse until much later in life. In fact it took years of trying other things to get there. There was body spray promotions, teaching science on native reserves in Northern Canada, a stint at Starbucks. But it all lead to one thing. A computer mouse. But you already read that. 

I have designed logos, made websites, templated books and done advertising for National campaigns. There are a few on this site that I am extra proud of and lots I am very proud of... and there are sadly some that will never be mentioned again and you definitely won't see without torturing me for days on end. 

On top of the design things, I decided that despite not being able to draw well with a pencil I would try
to draw with a mouse... and you know what? It's pretty great (if I do say so myself). My art has been featured on NBA TV Canada,, used by the PanAm Games in Toronto and picked up for use on construction hording in a few places around Toronto.


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